Canadian Parliamentary Internship Program
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Interns meet with important political figures of the Canadian government, have a session with career diplomats at the U.S. Embassy, visit the Governor General’s Residence and the Museum of Canadian Civilization, and make a weekend excursion to Quebec City to visit the National Assembly.

At the end of the program, each arranges for a letter of recommendation to be used when applying to graduate programs and jobs. Former interns say that this letter and having the internship on their resumes gave them unique credentials when searching for future study and employment. Many of their competitors had taken study tours abroad, but very few could claim to have had professional experience in the government of a foreign country.

Intern Photos

This could be your opportunity for international political experience!

The Canadian Parliamentary Internship Program annually places students from U.S. universities in the offices of Members of the Canadian Parliament for a five week immersion in the Westminster form of democratic government.

The program runs from mid-May through mid-June, at the end of most universities’ spring term and before other summer opportunities come. Each year between 30 and 40 interns live together in student housing at the University of Ottawa and share their experiences shadowing their members, attending important committee meetings, and doing research for projects outlined by professors at their home institutions

Intern photos

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If you are interested in applying for this program, contact the program’s director, Dr. James T. Baker. He will be glad to answer your questions, discuss details with you and if you wish to send you an application form. Dr. Baker’s e-mail address is and his telephone number is 270-745-5741.